The Remcho Research Group Wiki:

Welcome to the Remcho Group wiki where content contributed by past and present members journals work in progress as well as methods and procedures commonly used in the lab. Bridging the gap between those who came before and those who come after, this wiki functions as a repository of information to connect group members who came before with those who are new.

The official group website can be found here:

* Lab SafetyPriority One

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* Graduate Student Tips

* Information for Current Graduate Students (Login Required)

* Method Development (Login Required)

* Remcho Lab Chemical Inventory (Login Required)

* Maintenance Log (Login Required)

* Analytical Instrument Support

* Toolroom Equipment

* Poster Resources

* Software

* Collaborative Research

* Conferences and Poster Sessions

Special Note:

Inspiration for this wiki and a few pieces of content originated from the Minot Research Group to whom we owe our thanks. Every research group should have a wiki and Dokuwiki is a pretty good one to use.

(Q: How is information on this wiki preserved? A: A snap shot is taken every night at 1800 and kept for 30 days.)