Routine Activities

If you are not already doing so, you should be reading three or more publications a week. The greatest benefit comes from the expanded vocabulary and knowledge of what is being done by others and how they go about it.


BOT480/580 – Here is the syllabus for a slash course taken the Spring of 2014. Mike Behrenfeld is a great guy and really knows how to present his material. It is his favorite class to teach and he does an excellent job of it.
Spring 2014 – syllabus_bot_480_580.pdf
Older version – bot_480_old_syllabus.pdf

That said, if you haven't taken a cell biology class in awhile you might feel a little uncomfortable when it comes time to talk about the Calvin cycle. Overall the class covers a bunch of topics including: photochemistry, physical chemistry, diffusion, separations and concentration mechanisms, electron transport in dye systems and a bunch of measurement techniques. Much of the material in this class has parallels in the analytical lab and if you need credits to fill during a dry quarter I would seriously consider taking this class. There is lots of discussion and graded coursework takes the form of weekly quizzes that are scheduled by a roll of the dice the first day of the week.

Some powerpoints from 2014 – lecture_11_-_fluorescence_2014.pdf lecture_18_ccms_-_2014-2.pdf lecture_19_-_ccm_gas_exchange_-_2014.pdf

TA Advice


Release early versions to others for feedback, release often. Everything is a draft including the final version.